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You and Apprentice mate are tasked with making a soup while the chef steps out for a minute. Decide for yourself what ingredients would work well in a soup and when the game comes to an end, the chef will taste your soup and give both a reaction and a score.

I recommend that in the main menu, you check the inventory. Because I'm sure to you my shitty drawings don't look anything like what they're supposed to be.

"Apprentice Soup has finally come along to deliver my deepest fantasies to me." - Cameron Kunzelman on Vice's Waypoint.

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(made this cause i like soup.)


- Left Arrow key to move Left.

- Right Arrow key to move Right.

 - R key to restart the Level.

 - Esc Key to Escape to Menu.


(The following it a sort of blog post about the game. I do this for all my games or intent in the new future)

Apprentice Soup

Introduction to the game I made:

My third game that I released was called, ‘Apprentice Soup’, it’s 2D side on videogame about catching ingredients with your soup pot it's that simple. The premise of the game is that you and your mate are apprentices working in a disgusting kitchen, the chef steps out for a minute and you and your mate are tasked with making a soup to impress him. So your colleague runs to the storage and starts throwing ingredients at you and you have to decide for yourself what ingredients will work in this soup that you’re making. There are many games out there that do this sort of thing but for the most part they give you an ingredient then you have to, peel it, cop it put it in a pot turn the gas on take it of the heat at the right time and so on. They're all amazing but Apprentice Soup cuts such things completely out of there, your in a rush to throw together a soup to gain the satisfaction of your boss, and there’s no time for cutting. You’re given a selection of procedural generated ingredients, veering from a chicken (a whole, feathered chicken), to a jug of milk 16 total possible ingredients. some ingredients grant alot of points some little and some take points away. Once colliding with a ingredient a slash of numbers appears for a second, telling you what was added or subtracted due to said collision. In the top right you have a timer with the intent to make you rush but you're not told the collective points (I did't want to distract the player maybe worrying that they're going into negative numbers, or simply not having much), you have to sit trough a minute of collecting as much points as your think you're getting and you granted a reaction by the chef and the total point you've collected. 

My Experience Developing it:

My experience developing this game was a blast. I got the idea reminiscing on a blog I made that was a preparation task for uni about "game feel" primarily around the wonderful presentation by Jan Willem Nijman  co-founder of Vlambeer the geniuses behind such games as Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing ect. In this blog I compared the intricacies of "game feel" or "juice", to soup. Sounds like a hell of a read?, it's not... but here, you're welcome. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I tasked my self with making a 3 games during a 3 week trimester break and i was on track to actually publish 4 (i didn't). I smash the bulk of this game in under a week just had the menu, credits and inventory left but the time came to make my second game, of which was a game jam host by my uni lecturer. so once i got the game jam game creatively dubbed, "Getting Swole with Ricky" (download now, on my itch page!), out of the way I instantly came back to Apprentice Soup and didn't rest (much), till it's completion.

My Thoughts on the game:

My thought on this game is that 'Apprentice Soup' will always mean alot to me, i had alot of fun developing it and  'Apprentice Soup' was the first game of mine that was featured in a write up on Vice's Waypoint. I both expect that and hope that this will be the first of many (Not just talking about games but also articles).

Published Sep 10, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags2D, Abstract, Casual, cooking, Cozy


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